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Overview of Our School
The Armenian Sisters Academy of Lexington is not your average school.  It is a very special place, where you can feel warmth, spirit and vitality.  It is a school that carefully and thoughtfully balances old and new traditions, with a distinct eye towards innovation to help our students excel in their studies and in their personal lives.

The school has a rigorous curriculum, accredited by the Town of Lexington Public School System; the school’s culture is defined by a strong work ethic, to push students to achieve their maximum, and expect more of themselves.  Within this community, success and self-esteem come the old fashioned way:  hard effort. Students here are gently taught to learn from their setbacks — and blossom from real achievements.

A traditional school, the Sisters Academy cherishes what others might sometimes consider  “old-world." The student’s character is a very important factor, and very much part of the learning process.  The fundamental school philosophy revolves around the “whole” student, not only in educating the mind, but also in developing the character, with good and decent manners and above all, honor.
As a school open for children of Armenian heritage, we welcome students who have all levels of knowledge and proficiency in Armenian.  Whether you are fluent in Armenian, you know a few words, or have never uttered a word of Armenian, we focus on each student and nurture them so that they are motivated to learn.  

The school’s commitment is to work hard to ensure that students leave the Armenian Sisters' Academy as ethical young men and women, who possess the integrity to become responsible citizens—with a deep passion for learning and an eagerness to work hard, take risks, take a stand, and make a difference.

Our graduates continue into High School and College, with a strong education, a sense of self, and respect towards their families and others.  We are successful because we have awakened each individual student’s gifts and talents, and motivated them to continue to learn and become responsible, committed young adults.

Throughout the year, we receive commendations from Arlington Catholic School, the Lexington Christian Academy, Matignon, and other private and public high schools where our students have journeyed.  The commendations endorse that our students are excelling in their studies, and the individual student’s attitude towards learning is how this accomplishment is achieved.   
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