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School's Mission & Philosophy



  • To promote educational excellence through self-discipline, motivation and commitment to learning.  
  • To inspire students to learn the Armenian language, history and culture.  
  • To develop the individual mind and heart through Christian values.


Teaching philosophies are as diverse as the individuals teaching them, and for students and their parents, it is often a challenge to understand what is expected of them and how they can best succeed.
At the Armenian Sisters’ Academy, the teaching philosophies are rooted in respect for the students and establish high but reachable standards, using whole language learning, visual literacy and cultural perspectives for building reading and writing skills.
The school uses the new McGraw-Hill Reading Program, to connect all elements of grammar and spelling to the reading, as well as enhancing the writer’s ability to draft, revise, edit and finalize their writing. Through guided instructions with the teacher, every day reading materials complement and enhance the “whole language learning” approach.
There are also shared reading books used to model listening, reading comprehension, and reading for discussion and just for fun. Learning standards are weekly goals, posted in classroom and they are chosen from the Massachusetts English Language Arts Curriculum Frameworks, from the United States Department of Education.
Students in grades 6 through 8 use the Prentice Hall Programs, a more robust program, since our students have already outgrown the McGraw-Hill curriculum.  This change was introduced this year, as we recognized that our students excelled in Language Arts and therefore needed a more challenging curriculum.  The low student-teacher ratio affords us the chance to accelerate the learning process and provide every single student the opportunity to do advance learning, above and beyond the “normal” course.    
In addition to the McGraw-Hill program and the Armenian language and culture classes, there are also life lessons, in self-esteem, commitment and integrity.  This is accomplished through the teaching of the Christian faith and proud Armenian history.   

In a safe and loving environment, students are encouraged to grow and feel successful every day, and greatly benefit from the experience of others who are now mature and successful citizens.  The Armenian Sisters' Academy invites guest speakers to the school, who share their expertise with the students, and underscore the value of a strong education and the commitment to learning as the formula for success in life.   We believe that it really does take a village to raise a child.  

Today’s world is a confusing world for our youth. The accelerated pace of everything creates conflict within each student; a well-grounded education process and home life is what distinguishes a strong student from a mediocre one.  Our curriculum is steeped in traditional learning and skills, but offered through innovative approaches to guide students in the discovery of who they are, while opening them decisively to others; giving students what they need, but also helping them to discover what they want;  deepening their common sense, understanding, and tolerance.

  • The curriculum is designed to promote intellectual curiosity, creativity, and growth. Its objective is to develop in students certain distinctive qualities of mind:
  • The ability to read intelligently and efficiently;
  • The ability to obtain, use, and organize information, including facilities with computers;
  • The ability to communicate clearly;
  • The ability to compute accurately and to apply mathematics;
  • A grasp of scientific approaches to problem-solving;
  • An understanding of the cultural, social, scientific, and political background of Western civilization;
  • Facility and confidence in one foreign language (French);
  • Artistic sensitivity and awareness;
  • Familiarity with important contemporary global issues.


In addition to teacher guided classrooms, these objectives are accomplished through the use of Guest Speakers, research in the Computer Lab, hands-on training in the Science Lab, and an after school Arts program.

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