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Nursery B Curriculum

Nursery B

English & Armenian Curriculum


In Nursery B we are focused on providing your child with the tools they need to succeed in kindergarten and the years to come. Our curriculum specifically focuses on your children’s individual needs. We give your children an early boost in the areas that need development. They will develop in their physical, emotional, social and intellectual structures. You will find that your child will be more developed in all areas by the end of the year. This is supported with all of the required activities like music, physical education, art, fine motor skills, and freedom to make conscious decisions on what they may select to do. We believe that your Children will have an enriching, and enjoyable year.



Ÿ         Back to school stories

Ÿ         Red  Color                                              

Ÿ         Circle

Ÿ         Apples

Ÿ         The Number 1

Ÿ         Days of the week

Ÿ         Armenian Independence Day

Ÿ         Poems

Ÿ         Fire Safety

Ÿ         The Letter  A

Ÿ         The first letter of the Armenian Alphabet  -- a



Ÿ         The Fall Season

Ÿ         Colors; Orange, and Black

Ÿ         Halloween

Ÿ         St. Meshrob Mashdotz

Ÿ         The Number 2

Ÿ         Patterns

Ÿ         Leaf color changes

Ÿ         Examine Leaves outside

Ÿ         Poems

Ÿ         Columbus Day

Ÿ         Nocturnal Animals

Ÿ         Letters B, C, D, E

Ÿ         Spiders

Ÿ         Pumpkins

Ÿ         Armenian letter  --  r



Ÿ         Shapes-Square

Ÿ         The Color Brown

Ÿ         The Number 3

Ÿ         Poems

Ÿ         Fall Stories

Ÿ         Thanksgiving

Ÿ         3 Bears

Ÿ         Family

Ÿ         Migration

Ÿ         Letters F, G.

Ÿ         Armenian Letter   -- s



Ÿ         Shapes-Triangle

Ÿ         The Number 4

Ÿ         The Color Green

Ÿ         Christmas

Ÿ         Giving and Sharing

Ÿ         Christmas Tree/Santa poems and Christmas stories

Christmas decoration and art work.

·         Advent

·         Jesus’ Birthday

·         Gingerbread

·         The Winter Season

·         Letters  H, I, J

·         Armenian letter  -- b

·         Christmas Hantes



Ÿ         The color White

Ÿ         The Rectangle Shape

Ÿ         The Number 5

Ÿ         The Snowman

Ÿ         Snow

Ÿ         Feeling the snow and playing in the Snow

Ÿ         Martin Luther King - Getting Along

Ÿ         Mittens, Pairs

Ÿ         Chinese New Year

Ÿ         Letters K,L,M

Ÿ        Armenian letter -- l



Ÿ         Colors; Pink and Red

Ÿ         The Heart Shape

Ÿ         The Number 6

Ÿ         Vartanants Day, St. Vartan Mamigonian

Ÿ         Valentines Day

Ÿ         Projects

Ÿ         Poems

Ÿ         Ground Hog Day

Ÿ         President’s Day

Ÿ         Feelings

Ÿ         Letters N, O, P

Ÿ         Armenian letter  -- g



Ÿ         Crescent Moon

Ÿ         The Number 7

Ÿ         Color Yellow

Ÿ         Traffic Lights

Ÿ         The Life of a Butterfly

Ÿ         Weather

Ÿ         Spring

Ÿ         Rainbows

Ÿ         St. Patrick’s Day

Ÿ         Letters Q, R, S

Ÿ         Armenian letter  -- i



Ÿ         Earth Day

Ÿ         Ocean Life

Ÿ         Sequencing

Ÿ         Real Or Make Believe

Ÿ         Spring

Ÿ         Easter

Ÿ         Review Colors

Ÿ         Oval shape

Ÿ         The number 8

Ÿ         Planting

Ÿ         Farm

Ÿ         Armenian Genocide

Ÿ         Transportation

Ÿ         Stories

Ÿ         Letters T,U,V

Ÿ         Armenian Letters  -- m 6 ov



Ÿ         The Color Purple

Ÿ         The Star shape

Ÿ         The Number 9

Ÿ         Armenian Independence Day

Ÿ         Mother’s Day

Ÿ         Fables Fairy Tales

Ÿ         Fables

Ÿ         Letters W,X,Y,Z

Ÿ         Armenian Letters  -- ; 6 ,



Ÿ         Alphabet Review

Ÿ         Our Flag

Ÿ         Life Cycles

Ÿ         The Color Blue

Ÿ         The Number 10

Ÿ         Farm

Ÿ         Five Senses

Ÿ         Armenian Letters  -- h 6 d 6 y


Year End Hantes

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