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Reading Curriculum

Kindergarten Reading Curriculum

Print Awareness

·        Order of the alphabet

·        Recognize print represents spoken language and conveys meaning

·        Tracking print left to right

·        Upper and lower case letters

Phonological Awareness

·         Identifies letter, words, sentences

·         Divide spoken sentences into individual words

·         Produce rhyming words

·         Identify and isolate the initial and final sound of a spoken word

·         Change initial and final sounds to create new words

·         Word families

·         Blend sounds to make spoken words

·         Segment one-syllable spoken words into individual phonemes

Phonics and Decoding

·        Letter/Sound correspondence

·        Blending and segmenting CVC words

·        Initial and final consonants

·        Initial and medial vowels A,E,I,O,U

·        Consonant digraphs CK

Word Meaning

·        Context clues

·        High frequency words  A, An, My, Said, That, Is, And, The, I

Skills and Strategies

·         Recall story details

·         Use illustrations

·         Distinguish reality and fantasy

·         Classify and categorize

·         Make predictions

·         Recognize sequence of events

·         Summarize

·         Understand Author and Illustrator 

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