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Nursery B Curriculum

The reading , English language, and math skills are incorporated  throughout the day during the following activities.

Circle Time includes the following activities:

Calendar: *counting 1-31, patterns, color and shape identification

*Identifying the days of the week, seasons, months of the year

*music ,poetry, rhyming skills through songs and movement

*types of weather graphing, counting skills

Story Time: *listening skills, *comprehension skills, *summarizing *story details,  *distinguishing reality and fantasy.

Table Time includes the following activities:

Letter of the Week: *weekly focus on identification of each letter and its initial sound. *letter bag identifying items for each letter

*letter stories and rhymes

*fine motor skills: coloring, tracing, cutting skills, painting, play dough

*Handwriting -first name

*upper case letters a-z and numerals 0-9

Gross motor skills: *singing and movement games and activities

Armenian Sisters’ Academy religion class is based on the “I Am Special” Nursery  program. It teaches love and respect for self, God, family, classmates, animals and nature in our world.

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