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Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

 The English Kindergarten day begins with circle time.

We start the class with a selected child reading the day and date.

Number sequencing, days of the week,  patterning,

and the daily weather are also discussed. That same child will count and write a given number using cubes and a tens/ones chart.

Next another selected child has to tell what number is next counting forward on the 100 days of school chart. In the Spring, the children will count backwards on the 100 chart to the last day of school. That same child will perform a tally activity. 


The next part of the day consists of lessons from the McGraw  Hill reading series The class will orally read and review sight words from the reading program. The skills in the reading program

Include the following:

*Print awareness

*Phonological awareness

*phonics and decoding skills

*Word meaning

Skills and strategies

The children use oral readers ,workbooks and worksheets to reinforce the skills.


The class has a free choice time twice (10:15 and 2:15) daily. During these times ,the child may choose an activity while interacting with his/her classmates.

Writing center, painting, play dough ,blocks ,legos ,puzzles, sorting and book corner activities are made available during this time.


The afternoon classes begin with storytime on the carpet.

Each day the children enjoy listening to and engaging in discussion about stories from a variety of topics relating to the curriculum .


Mathematics class follows story time. The Harcourt - Brace mathematics program is a hands on program using many visuals and manipulatives. The curriculum includes the following skills:

Identifying and writing numbers 1-100


Beginning fractions

Shape identification

Position words

Tallying and Graphing



One digit addition and subtraction

Ordinal numbers

Armenian Sisters’ Academy religion class is based on the “I Am Special” Kindergarten program. It teaches love and respect for self, God, family, classmates, animals and nature in our world.

Science and Social Studies are tied in to the curriculum throughout the school year.

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